This is how we do it! How we engage people on the Good Market.

From the very beginning of the event in 2011, the Good Market was meant to inspire people in Slovakia to live the streets, to explore and reimagine what public space should look like, and whom the streets should serve. 

 Illah van Oijen
The author is Creative Director of OZ Punkt, a photographer and a facilitator
Photography: Marek Jančúch

To do so, we have built a strong tradition of closing off one street for the public twice a year, inviting not only local vendors, neighbourhood organisations and shops to join but also local civic initiatives – to share their knowledge, experience in fundraising, research, and building awareness.

We as organisers always work with the main theme of the market, thus providing our partners and the public an opportunity to reflect on issues that stir society. Whether it is the local economy, the climate, community life or sustainable transport.

This is how we do it: when we announce the market, we send out an open call to all the vendors, partners and neighbours to join the programme with specific thematic content. Our core programme team actively looks for educational, fun or interactive cultural activities that support the theme and are intended for all age groups.

And last but not least, all the merchandise we sell to support our activities is made from upcycled materials, for example second-hand T-shirts. And what we communicate on them supports the given theme. This way we offer people not only a way to support our activities but also to cooperate with us in building awareness on topics such as recycling, composting, and cycling home, to work, to school.  

This year at the festival, we introduced a new infrastructure of ‘bicycle stands’. 
Local libraries, communities of cyclists and communities of artists were involved preparing special bicycle-related events on the market: 
A great example was the use of our bicycle campaign T-shirts and slogans: during the market, all the staff were wearing bicycle vests. The T-shirts were for sale and there was also a workshop where people could come and print their own slogan on their own bag/T-shirt/jacket.
The event provides space for entrepreneurs and startups in the field of cycling, which gives people practical information on ‘where to get their information and buy their gear’. 
Exhibition on our CTZN stage dedicated to the works of students of the Academy of Fine Arts, exhibition of the Hento Toto social workplace, and of our tailor-made PUNKT for CYCLE UP! Bicycle titled “Saxana”.

MAY 21. 2024

Text: Illah Van Oijen
Fotography: Marek Jančúch

This text was created for the international project CycleUp! and is co-financed by the European Union.